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What is White Tea?

Delicate and pure in taste Anji White is a lightly processed tea. Called white tea, because of the light colour of its leaves and the brewed liquid.

The finest young leaves and buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant are picked by hand and then gently steamed or withered in the sun before carefully handcrafting into a tea of exquisite character.

White tea has many health benefits to offer and has stronger anti-cancer properties than any other tea. It is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses and as such helps guard against colds and flu. White tea can help to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol and protect the heart. It eases symptoms of illness and can promote healthy teeth and gums and bones and build healthy skin as well as strengthening the circulatory and immune systems. White tea is a superb tonic and natural remedy. Add it to your life for good health and longevity.

White tea has a sweet flavour and soft texture, providing a relaxing thirst quenching drink at any time of the day.

Abbey Tea have selected some of their favourites for you. Jasmine Silver Needle, White Peony and Anji White. To be savoured like an exceptional vintage wine. Drink in peace, when you have time to enjoy every sip.