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Fu Jiang Pottery

What is Fu Jiang pottery?

Abbey Tea are delighted to introduce you to our top high quality range of pottery teapots from Master Potter Mr. Wang.

Handmade in his Fu Jiang 富 江 workshop in Yingge district, New Tapei city, in the heart of Taiwan’s pottery industry, Mr. Wang has over 30 years experience of making teapots, Cha hai and tea cups and he oversees every step of the teaware production himself. He designs the teapots; hand makes the plaster of paris moulds and finishes off the teapots by placing a unique seal on the base of each item.

The intricate scripting on the teapots is undertaken by Mr. Chi and is finished with his seal and the date of the scripting.

Mr Wang practises strict quality control and each of his teapots are produced in batches of only 12. Each one is unique and has a built in strainer with a minimum of seven increasing to 19 holes depending on the size of the pot. To Mr. Wang, his creations are a work of art and are much sought aftre by tea lovers in the local tea houses of New Taipei City.

Originally Mr. Wang created his teaware in the traditional red colouring, but today he also creates black or purple teapots. Abbey Tea are pleased to offer both red and black teapots, plain or scripted, with side handles or rear handles.

We hope you will enjoy using Master Potter Wang’s teaware in your tea ceremony as much as we do.

Fu Jiang Pottery
Fu Jiang Pottery