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What is RAW/ White (Sheng) Pu erh Tea?

Pu erh tea is originally rich in substances, the main components are: tea polyphenols, amino acids, sugars, alkaloids, vitamins, tea pigments, aromatic substances, saponins, etc., which form the rich and changeable taste of Pu erh tea.

Raw Pu erh is a non-fermented tea, which does not go through the fermentation process. The whole large leaves (DA YE ZHONG tea varital)  are harvested, then dried naturally in the sun, rolled, sorted  and stored, to produce a tea that is fresh and sweet tasting.

Raw Pu erh was developed and introduced in the Tang dynasty, 700 - 800 years ago and has a very long history. Traded on the Ancient Tea route from Pu erh City with Tibet and central China it was so highly valued by the Chinese that it was often smuggled into towns by Basket Carriers in their pockets..

For centuries it was considered to be a medicinal tea and today, Pu erh is well known for its health benefits including

  • the ability to raise the level of good cholesterol and lower the level of bad cholesterol,
  • to help to digest fatty foods and increase the metabolism and assist with weight loss
  • it is used for treating irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia.
  • Antioxidants found in Pu erh tea may help fight cancer and its anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, asthma and arteriosclerosis.
  • it provides fluoride for teeth to fight cavities and helps prevent bad breath.

It is no wonder that the Chinese have been drinking Pu erh tea for thousands of years!